Windows SNMP Service has missing tabs

So by now, you have gone though the process of installing the Windows SNMP Service  but when trying to configure, you realize that there are missing tabs!

2019-04-19 08_34_56-Window

This is a relatively simple but obnoxious change that seems to have changed from previous Windows versions and 2016.

To fix this, simply run the following command from a Windows Command prompt:

> Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Server-RSAT-SNMP /ALL

2019-04-23 16_06_55-Screen clipping taken_ 4_19_2019 9_10 AM - OneNote

This will install the complete features for the SNMP service and in the end will give you the familiar looking screen with all the tabs.

2019-04-19 14_15_34-Window