How to Setup a Windows NFS Share to use with a Linux Appliance

interoperability betwen Linux and Windows environments has long been a matter of endless discussions and quite a bit of confusion.

NFS shares in Linux just seem to work, as in the case (mostly) of CIF shares in Windows.  However, getting Windows to have a proper NFS share that communicates with a Linux appliance can bie a bit of a headache.

I explain below what sections to allow for this to work correctly.  By default, NFS shares are not an option in Windows, so there’s a bit of work involved.

Install NFS role in Windows

  1. Install NFS role for Server in Server Manager
  2. Go to Server Manager > File and Storage Services > Shares

Configure a NFS Share in Windows

  1. Right click and create a new share  – In this example, I created one labeled “3111” on my c: drive
  2. Create the share with the following settings
    1. Authentication – Disable all Kerberos authentication, and ensure “allow unmapped user access by UID” is selected
    2. Share Permissions – whitelist your Linux appliance ip address
    3. NTFS permissions – give “Everyone” full control

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